Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hey Again!!!

Well, hello there!! It's been awhile! It's my fault, I know!! I am completely to blame!! Sorry! Sorry!

Not good at writing habitually but I am trying!

Just wanted to check in with you all and to let you know IT SNOWED!! Whoohoo! Whoopee! Snow!!
I don't know about you but I think there is something completely magical about snow.
Coming from a land where snow is practically a fairy tale your mum tells you about at bedtime, to actually SEE snow is like stepping through the wardrobe and straight into the wintery wonderland of Narnia. I half expect to see fauns, wood nymphs and hobbits scurrying about the place or singing songs and dancing with fairies.

 Okay, so I'm might be disappointed on the magical woodland creature front I have seen many a stag and deer whilst trekking out in the woods! I was ever so excited when i first sighted a few but apparently this is not an uncommon sight in the untamed countryside of Scotland.
I was hiking a small section of the cateran trail from Blair to the Bridge of Cally with a few mates when we came across great shaggy beasts grazing in a paddock on top of a moor, never having seen a highland cow before I was absolutely mystified as to what this hairy monster could be.
I was certain I was face to face with a Bison until the "coo" nearest me let out a long, mournful "Mooooooo".

They have got to be the cutest beasts you have ever set eyes on! Big, lumbering things with round, furry bellies and long emo-like fringes blowing about in front of their giant pink noses. Damn cute... Until they start shoving their big pink tongues up their nostrils. Unbelievable , I know. Yes, they have very long tongues that can reach and awfully far way up their noses. Charming.

Still, despite the nose-licking I would recommend, if you haven't seen them already, try and wangle an eyeful of some good Scottish Highland Coo.