Friday, 12 August 2011

And the countdown BEGINS!!!

Righto. I've bought my ticket, my luggage, my passports, and new socks (don't want to embarrass myself with holey old socks). I've sold my furniture for next to nothing in my desperation to be rid of it by D-day and am desperately trying to find a good home for my books - as much as I'd like to I can't take them all with. *place miserable sobbing face here*.

Anyway, my flight is only 25 days away!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!
My best friend and I had a bit of a sob fest over facebook and for the first time since this all began I'm actually a little heart sore at the thought of leaving. Before now all my excitement and relief at finally going had drowned out those feelings- but their beginning to surface and it is not going to be pretty! For the next 3 weeks I'm going to be walking around and bursting into tears at every tiny little detail that made me life here bearable - mainly, my family, friends and ice-cream.
And you know, I can't do the attractive crying thing. I don't have a single tear trickling slowly down my cheek, I don't set my chin bravely, lift my head high and deal with it like a war heroine.Wanna know my method? I crawl around on hands and knees grasping at the skirts and trousers of all I love, blowing my nose on their coat tails and crying hysterically. Yep. Not. Attractive.

Going to visit my ex's mum tomorrow so she can wish me well on my "journey" and stuff - I'm rather apprehensive at this, I won't lie!

In other news, my crocheted cushion case came out wonderfully! Absolutely darling! I'm just finishing up with Steff's (my ex) scarf and then I'll get going on some more cushion covers for Nicci!

Love it!!

Keep smiling,
Your Aspiring Gypsy