Wednesday, 20 July 2011

On the road again... or the sky, I'm not picky!

Okay, so, as a young woman in South Africa it has been difficult to get everything sorted and organised with regards to my plans to immigrate to the UK. It's been an absolute struggle actually, lets be honest, when dealing with this kind of situation when do things ever run smoothly??
I've always wanted to go. I don't want my only lifestyle to be the one that I've had thus far in SA. It's a beautiful country and all, but I'd be a big fat liar if I said the living conditions here are ideal.

I have duel-citizenship, thank heavens! My father is South African and my mother British, which I thank Merlin's knickers for. Getting my British passport was a pain in the pants but I was willing to go the distance, wouldn't you be?? You can't do a blooming thing with a South African passport... and I'm not surprised. Not the most jolly and cheerful of pasts... also, we have the crime capital of the world. Do you know that when people find out where you are from THEY ACTUALLY PAT DOWN THEIR POCKETS!!!! So anyway, after a great deal of research and absolutely no help from those prats at the British Consulate, I received my British Passport in the mail. I was so overjoyed I even did my happy dance in PUBLIC! That's right, public. I was over the bloody moon!

Next step was to get my South African passport. Now, if you live in South Africa you will be groaning at that previous statement. The Department of Home Affairs is not a fun place to be in SA. Heavily perfumed with a combination of stale labourer sweat and public loo cleaner... it doesn't really feel or smell fresh. The rooms are always crowded, the queues serpentine and unending, the staff unhelpful and bored and your pen is almost always dry and no one else wants to volunteer their own for fear that it will never be returned (see paragraph 2, line 4 and words 12-16).
I made the arduous trek to Malmesbury Home Affairs, filled in the backward and confusing applications, took the photographs and was told by an "ou vrou"  that "moenie worrie nie, almal lyk soos 'n kriminele" which means "don't worry, everyone looks like a criminal". Isn't that grand!?!

But despite all this, for the first time ever something South African has come through for me. This morning at about half past 9 I received a text from the Department of Home Affairs. MY PASSPORT WAS READY TO BE COLLECTED!!! And the best part? It only took a week and 2 days. How insane is that? My boss joked that the ANC pushed it through faster to try and get all the white people out the country.. just a joke.. but it makes you wonder?

So, my life is FINALLY starting to go according to plan. I'll buy my ticket soon and then, I'll be that much closer to living my life. Now, I'm off to carry on with my crocheting.. I'll post a picture of the finished project, shall I?

your Aspiring Gypsy